About Wallkanda

We are currently witnessing a massive wealth transfer toward Web3. On the other hand, Street Art, the major art movement of the 21st century, is still constrained to the same old web2 dimension. Our goal is to facilitate the transition of street art toward the cryptoverse by providing an easy way for artists to join and verify themselves in this new paradigm.

Who we are

At Wallkanda we are pragmatic dreamers. We are technologists and art lovers, pushing innovation through social impact initiatives and technology. We use Web3 technology to support artists worldwide. Street Art is our first battle, but not the last.

What we do

We build the web3 palette that helps artists live from their craft. We are an open-data registry where artistic shareholders can register and generate value together. From nonprofit, to institutions, to artists, we have created this open layer so trust and transparency can be found. Artists can create, users can collect and institutions can promote.

For whom

This V0.1 is solely for artists for now. Slowly but surely, we will add the rest of the ecosystem participants one by one: cultural non-profits, institutions, photographers and of course, collectors.